Monday, August 20

out of this world.

I am such a weirdo. Who would go reading a dictionary on such a day? Haha. I'm kidding. But I do read the dictionary occasionally. I am weird, what'd I tell you? So it's pretty gray outside and I am guessing and NOT HOPING it'll rain again. I was up so late last night. I mean it. I slept around 2 am.[nice sean!] I was watching Rated OH around 10 pm. [was that 10 pm?] And they featured for their "Incredible Edibles" segment was a Japanese reataurant. Red Kimono. So anyway, my mouth was practically drooling because of that segment. Yum Yum Yum. So I'mma show y'all why I love it so much. I want to eat there!♥ Ok. The scoop on Red Kimono. It is not just your typical Japanese restaurant with the usual sightings of tempura, sashimi, maki, sushi and the like. Yet it also focuses on modern Japaneses cuisine like crabstick rolls with wasabi mayo, salmon and cream cheese maki, and the California crunch maki, a variation of the usual California maki, wrapped in tempura batter, fried and served hot (not cold). I so want to eat there. wee.


Man. I don't eat tofu often but that is just simply appetizing, don't you think? That's the Layered Spinach and Tofu with miso paste.

Now we're talking. That's Salmon and Cream Cheese Maki, baby. Now I want to try that. It looks so delish!

Now you're really at it. This is the California Crunch Maki. I loooovvveee this. It looks pretty and I'm sure it tastes scrumptious too. They added a twist to our favorite maki. Yummm.

This is just about where I bid goodbye. But I'd like to thank this. This is where I got my pics and info. Plus I'd like to thank this. This showed me the prices. Which is not far away from Kimpura. So I'll be going there! Expect me. Muahaha.

Anyway, the doll is apparating now.[officially, I'm a Potterhead. Oh, my bad. I was a Potterhead since Grade 3. lol.]