Sunday, August 12


It's a super busy day today since it's fiesta and there's a lot of people in our house. My reckless and chaotic cousins are here. haha. So anyway, super weird ang nangyari kagabi. I won't go into detail. But it super creeped me out. It was a first. Well, I mean not the confession and everything but the pakonsensya when you reject someone. Hay. I hate people like that. And threatening that they'll die if you reject them. My gulay.

Anyway, that made me angry so I'll get on with what I have to say. People keep adding me to Friendster and I reject them if I don't like their faces. So if I do, well, hop on. haha. Multiply is different. It's so different.

I forgot to tell you that I have a LiveJournal blog already. Or did I say that na? I don't think so. Problem is, I'm a NOOB. As in newbie. haha. It's sad. But I figure I'll get the hang of it. That's all. Got a lot to check out and everything. Ciao.