Thursday, August 16

Small Stuff and Friends.Ü

Small Stuff. Don't sweat the small stuff. Yea. Yeah. I should remember that. Every little thing that's so annoying gets me. Grr. I'm so mataray.

So remember the first day of classes and you have new classmates and everything? Well, I just remembered that. Hmm. I was a transferee in CSA then. This was first year. I was used to adjusting since we always moved. I got to a section called Bl. Josephine Mary, the transferees' section. Kathleen and Lesley were there, so we talked. AND! dan dan dan dan. Two girls were talking in front of me and we acquainted ourselves with each other. The girl who's so kulit is no other that Roan, my best friend of almost 3 years. [3 years na ba? tanda mo na,roan. haha.] Malapit na kasi birthday mo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROAN!♥ Happy birthday, my best friend![kahit na baliw ka. haha.]