Saturday, August 11

things. things.

I am so über happy because I am downloading the songs in The Click Five's new album, "Modern Minds and Pastimes". It has such a catchy beat and nice lyrics. Gawd. I lurvvveee them. Especially their new front man, KYLE PATRICK. HOT. Alternative to Pete Wentz. Hardy har. I am still depressed that I still don't have tickets and I won't probably have since my mom won't allow me. Hmmmppp. Plus it's somewhat expensive and posers who think they love FOB will be there plus the EMO people.

My opinion on EMO people:[if you have any bad comments, post it here. Don't bash me on your blogs. Plus this is my blog and I can say whatever I want. THIS IS MY OPINION.]

They dress in black which is okay, since I do love black.
They self-mutilate themselves.[at least some do.] NO. Just because you're not good at something, means you have to punish yourself for it. Plus if you're doing that for attention, it sucks. It won't do you good. It's stupid.

They love songs that tell them of hurt and despair.
Oh c'mon. You'll really experience that. It's just that it'll pass and you'll experience things that will make you happy. Right??

They feel that the world's against them.
Course not. Not against you. It's just that you have to deal with these problems. Life is a test.

That's that. Now, I'll go back to dloading these songs. Ciao.