Wednesday, August 15

my NET-mouth strikes again.

Boo. What a day. So I'll blab here again since this is MY blog anyway. haha.

Class Standings are being shown now and it makes us feel worried again. I felt worried about my CS in Math and AA because I'm over-the-top stupid in those subjects. But, I believe I passed naman. Ok. That's that.

I got all weird again because I'm stressed once again. We played pranks kanina.[nice, seatmate!Ü]. So I was laughing and laughing and even though my tummy hurt, I still kept laughing. Man, I am weird. One other stupid thing is, super lakas na ng ulan kanina and we're still in school pa. It flooded na nga because our school is like a big drain. We're poor. Hah. They're making a swimming pool yet they can even afford to make cement our driveway. Stupid.

Studied Atomic Models awhile ago and I felt really tinatamad so I couldn't really listen. Hmm. When do I listen? Hah. But I understood. School is really boring. The fun thing about school is being with classmates, right?Studied wars and battles of Greece and Persia. It was so cool. And remember the movie 300? You wanna know why? Because in the Battle of Thermopylae, the Spartans were outnumbered so they left 300 men WITH FAMILIES to face a certain death. The reason was they already had successors. Wah. That was sad.

Noli Me Tangere. I'm addicted. It's so cool even though I don't usually read those novels in Filipino. I find them boring and I don't really understand Filipino super well. So this is a surprise that I like Noli Me Tangere. I liked Florante and Laura too but I felt different about that Noli Me Tangere. haha.

More time to study for the upcoming Periodical test. Woopee. Gots to get going.Ü
but I'll post my new list of HOT addictions later.Ü