Wednesday, August 1

so i had a bad day.

No. Actually, it isn't a bad day. I'm just so darn DEPRESSED and i hate this. I currently hate my life, school and love. I'm not being cynical nor emo. It's just that my life's in a haywire and I don't know what to do. I feel so bad today. Everyone's happy, smiling and in love. Me? I'm sad, frowning and IN LOVE. There's a fcuking big difference. So here I am, hoping I won't drop tears on our keyboard while I am writing this. I LOVE HIM. but he doesn't feel the same way. I am such a marytr. I hate this. I'm not like this at all. I'm a fighter. I think. I don't let myself get hurt. But now, I am hurt. I have to get a hold of myself.

AJA! I can do this.[i think...]