Tuesday, August 21

i love dreams.

Ok. So I don't really love dreams. I just like them. But, I had such an awesome dream last night that I couldn't bear to not blog about it. SO here it goes.

I was near an abandoned house. And it was old and scary. As I went inside[don't ask. I have no clue why I went inside.], I looked at the place. It really was old except for one part of the house that was really elegant for some reason. I looked further and I noticed a room. I went inside and lo and behold! A guy was there. He looked really sick and of course, I took care of him. It seemed that we grew closer.

The next scene. We were in school. It was so hard to describe but I think I could. We were somewhere near the lockers. My friend called me up.[a guy] For no reason at all, he hugged me. So HE[the first guy], looked kinda angry and I approached him and said, "Ano ba problema mo?
" He just looked at me and said nothing. He hugged me.

The last scene. I logged onto my Friendster and I saw his profile. There, his shoutout said, "So? Alam kong hindi na ako tatagal, pero basta't alam kong nandyan ka,ok na. 0910..." Then I woke up.

It seems like I do know a lot about him. He's sick, his mother doesn't take care of him. So that explains his part of the house. I just can't explain the feeling I had when I woke up. My initial reaction was, "Who are you?". Then up to when I was going to school, my heart was beating so fast. It was like magic. I know that's so clichè but that was what I felt. Who was that? I'm just wondering. He was chinito, about 5'9, and maputi.

Anyhow, I'm going. I want to sleep and I haven't studied yet.