Friday, August 17

bagyong EGAY and operations.

It was so devastating to watch the news. I mean, seeing those people suffer in evacuation centers because their homes are flooded. Man, I'm so mean. Here I am, rejoicing that classes have been suspende for 2 days while people are in evacuation centers all cooped up. I was finally rejoicing because periodical tests were suspended and then I watched it. Wah. Conscience. I should be thankful right now because our house is far from floods. I should be.
Thank you, thank you that my parents found a cool place to live and at the same time safe from floods.

My dad's having an operation tomorrow. Man, I'm über scared for him. Wa. It's not major or anything. In fact, I'll even go to the dentist while he's at Asian. I'm über scared na. wa. Good luck to my dad.

Btw, I'm so crazyyyyy about calamansi juice.