Saturday, August 11

people change.

They do, right? I was just reminiscing about the past awhile ago and I still am now as I am writing this blog. Let me tell you about the people who have changed in my life.

Starting off with my dad. My Dad has been very temperemental. I swear. He keeps shoutinga nd the like. But now, when I do something, he doesn't seem to get as mad as he did before. Which is nice. Second, my friends. They do change, although not entirely. They change in some ways they don't know. Third, me. I changed in big ways. I don't complain when given tasks anymore. I'm not rebellious anymore. Although I'll remain a suplada, I believe I have changed in some ways. Which is good.

Hmm. People change unexpectedly. Hmm. I'm getting sentimental.

I have to do that summary. What the hell. I'll bid adieu.