Monday, August 13

these things.


We discussed the Little Prince awhile ago and I was touched by the things the author put in there. I thought it was a children's book, but once you analyze it, it is so much deeper. I loved it. I loved the "quotable quote" according to Ms. Bandril. In fact, I even used it in my story on Candymag. It was so cool. It struck my heart strings.


So, remember when I was super depressed in my last entry and I was carrying this big weight on my shoulders, well, I have to say I have banished it! The radio assembly thing which I was so worried about, well it turns out, I don't really have anything to worry about. My mom finally bought a soldering iron and I used it just awhile ago. That's why I am so hating it. I got burned by it awhile ago, and although I admit it was the effect and consequence of my
STUPIDITY, I still have the right to say it hurts. It keeps on giving me pains here and there so I can't really type as fast as I did before. Nor could I open things. Hmmpp. Sucks when I can't do that. It makes me feel helpless. Ok, so now the things I am worried about are the the news articles for Herald. I am having such a hard time writing news articles. I just don't know why. But if I write for Feature, I can do it in a wink. But that's life.

We discussed about Greece in Social Studies and although I take my hats off to them, I'd like to put it back on. Why? Because they believe men are SUPERIOR which is so not true. All people are equal and therefore, all people should be given equal rights. If he can vote, I should vote, too. I'm not being a feminist but hey, that's the truth. I just got so fired up about that, so I violently reacted to that. Not literally. It's just that we are just different, but hey, we're all equal.

I have to go now because these burns are hurting badly and I have to think of a way to convince my mom to buy that flashy mp4 from Ate Angel. Hmm. Bet she will. My birthday's coming up so you better give me gifts! hah. Kidding. I'm going. Poof!