Friday, May 11

HOT ADDICTIONS.<3 and did i say hot?Ü

i just described my hot addictions. i love them. ok. so maybe you hve no clue what the hell my big mouth is talking about right?


Here's the list of my Hot.Hot.Addictions.

•Pete Wentz[bassist of FOB]
•James Lafferty[OTH's own Nathan Scott]
•Topher Grace[That 70's show's Eric Forman. Venom.Spidey 3]
•James Franco[y'all know him.Ü spidey's bestfriend,Harry Osborn]
•Bryan Greenberg[OTH's Jake Jaglieski]
•Eric Mabius[Ugly Betty's boss,Daniel Meade]
•Chris Carrabba[last but not the least. frontman of Dashboard Confessional]

So y'all get the picture right? It's called OBSESSION. Not in a bad way. But in a good one,I think.Ü

but anyway,ciao!

i'll post later.Ü


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