Friday, May 18


I am so in a bad mood today. I just went shopping today and it cheered me up. But when I got back home and sister dear got on the internet,it got me upset. I mean I shouldn't be 'coz I'm on the net for almost 5 hours everyday. But it was sooooo late and I hate going to the net late. See? My eyes are droopy already and I'm gonna be turning in just a bit.

Hate. Hate. Hate. her.

Now,I may not have time to update my story because it's late. But I really do want to. I'm just experiencing mental block. I got so bored waiting for my sis a while ago. HATE IT.

I know I'm so spoiled in some ways but I can't help it. I know I almost always have to get what I want but I try to control it though. But right know,I'm hating my sis.

We'll be going swimming tomorrow. AGAIN. I don't spend too long in the pool 'coz I really don't want to get burned to a crisp. I'm already a morena, so... You know.

I just watched Shrek 3. It was hilarious. I loved J.T's character by the way,Artie? Yeah. Loved him. I'm so pissed right now. So I'm signing off.

*notice i'm writing in black. angry j9*

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