Tuesday, July 17

omg. the truth.[you sure?]

I cannot bear to even say this here but since you are my oh-so-beloved blog, I will still state this. HE FEELS THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM AND I DESPERATELY WANT HIM. OMG. How could you say that, you fcuking asshole. You don't have any right to say that nor do you have the right to correct me of my grammar when you can't even correct your own. Please. If you want to mess with me, make sure you do it alone. I mean, it's terribly embarrasing naman if you get allies and you're a GUY.[or are you?] hah. Besides, I am gonna kick your ass. But I'm still holding on that thought. I could get a suspension but then again, to see me kicking your ass is sheer JOY. Don'cha think?

hay. Anyway, don't be disturbed by my shoutout. It's not for you. And I definitely don't miss my past. I miss my present and that's not you. Dream on.