Saturday, July 28


It has definitely been a good day. Starting off, I am at HEX again. I'm playing again. But it does get boring there. No classes yet. I hope I do advance to 2nd year. haha. I found out loads of things on Harry Potter and that made me feel good. But. What didn't make me feel good is that my own bestfriend wouldn't tell me about his lovelife. I mean, he has shared his lovelife to me openly. But now, NO?! Besides, I can already guess that younger batch. Now if you're reading this, I don't know. You're just scared to tell me.

HATERS. again.
They never do stop, do they? ok.ok. He's been going about, telling people that I'm head over heels in love with him. WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE. First of all, this is for the people who know me, WOULD I EVER HAVE A CRUSH ON SUCH AN EGOMANIAC? or WOULD I HAVE A CRUSH ON SOME KNOW-IT ALL? or WOULD I EVER EVER HAVE A CRUSH ON A GAY MAN? My gawd. I don't think so. Now, we were supposed to talk last Wednesday and I was about to punch him in the face and he didn't show up. AT ALL. Lucky bastard. He'll have moments to cherish. But it won't be for long. And the irony of life? I HATE HIM TOO. So now, the feeling's mutual. haha.

I never did warn you for the foul language that I was going to use, so here it is:

so there.

As for the bitches, hmm. Let me start of with Bitch no.1
Bitch no. 1 is young. She is pretty yet naive. Or so you think. She is so not. She is a growing flirt. I know right? You know,too. So stop it. You're just like your--

'Nuff said.

Bitch no. 2
Bitch no.2. I wouldn't say much about her. People know about her already. Hmm. Let's see you guess that one.

Bitch no. 3
Oh, I'd tell you this bitch was my friend. But then, she played with the heart of my friend which I really didn't know the story 'till now and.. now I'm furious with her. Plus she's making a collage of Jun's pictures and her's together. Eew. Plus, she wants a chinito. Why didn't she just tell my friend off before they came together? She is so rude and insensitive.

There's a long list of that. But I'd much rather tell them in person, although I'm not sure about Bitch 1. She's sensitive. And besides, she'd already know I'm mad at her on the account I'm mad at her--

'Nuff said. again.

This is so not a 4-day vacation. Projects to do, papers to pass. I never did get rest. Grr. Ok.Ok. Maybe I did. But it's still not a vacation. you agree, Augustinians?

So anyway, I apologize if this entry was full of hate and everything. This is the only way I could let it out. So after writing this entry, I'm healed again. This has such a therapeutic effect.