Sunday, July 8

protect. destroy.

So now you're probably guessing if I watched Transformers na. Yes, I finally did. loovvvveddd it. It was so cute and cool. I loved it talaga. The protagonist was Even Stevens, right? He's so handsome now and a real good actor. He is also in Disturbia. I loved Transformers even if it was about alien stuff. It had a story. I thought I was going to fall asleep but thankfully, NO. I loved it instead.

What is wrong with being anonymous? I ask you. People in the showbiz industry today feel like getting known is the thing to do for survival. OH COME ON. That's stupid and shallow. I don't want to be famous. There are people who do and don't. SO why post the fugly billboard when peoply don't want to see it? It's everywhere. I mean, what kind of person would get the urge to sign up for that fugly contest or search when the tagline is simply EEW. But I have to comment on Kris' picture in the billboard. She looked wayyyyyy HOT. Same goes for Piolo. I swear, in that picture, you're not gay to me. Haha.

So anyway, on that tagline, I'd rather be anonymous. Why? First of all, being famous is glamorous BUT intricate. I mean, being famous, you'd have to report every fcuking thing that's going on in your life. Lack of privacy. And wherever you go, people will huddle up to you to get an autograph when you just want to buy a coffee and get the hell out of there. It may be fun in some cases, yet I find it hard. So I'll rather be an ANONYMOUS STAR.

I commented on Jay-ann's page yesterday and she hit me back. It was nice getting to chat with her even though she's different now. She may not be the Jay-ann I used to know. The shy,sakitin,friendly girl who never eats anything for lunch. She's popular now and known as Carrie. She has lots of friends when in grade 3, I refused to be her friend. This is so true. You have to ask her. So the story is, she started to be my friend in Grade 3. We were classmates then in 3-Sultan Kudarat. Then, I told her I couldn't be her friend anymore because she was maarte. I am such a bitch. So she went with Marion and I went with Chlerisse and Arielle. I had fun with them that year but we grew apart in the 4th grade. In the 4th grade, I was friends with Melody. Jay-ann was my classmate too but she was hanging out with Gellie, Julienne and you know, the POPULAR GIRLS. But eventually, we hung out again and she changed a bit. But then, I went back to Manila and now I hear, she's popular again. It makes me think that she went back to the way she was in Grade 3.

I won't comment about the uprising catfighting in our room. It's just plain stupidity admitting you're a flirt. But then again, I won't meddle with you guys. It's your bitchin fight.

I have to go. My effin eyes are tired and I've posted an entry enough for a lifetime. Kidding.

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