Sunday, July 29

do's and don'ts of fashion

This is totally like Ned's Declassified Guide to whatever.[Gomen. I don't watch the show.] Ok. Ok. That's not about fashion. But, mind you. I did some firsthand research for this. Please follow if you don't want to be embarassed. Unless you have a unique style. Acceptable.

Let's start off with:

♥accents or accessories

1. Do layer multiple necklaces for a modern look.[picbelow.]

2. DO pair a chunky necklace with a feminine top. 3. Necklace or tie? This is definitely a DON'T. 4. Bright blue adds to punch to basic black--DO.
5. DON'T carry a bag that's bigger than your skirt![seriously. do you wanna drown?]


That's all for the accents.

♥shoes.[I love this topic. I love shoes.]

1.Do wake up a plain outfit with a patterned heel. 2.Don’t wear your walking shoes with ankle socks! 3.Not only do kitten heels make legs look slimmer, but you can walk in them too. Do! [i love these shoes. wah. want to buy these.] 4. Socks for evening? You got it—a Don’t. [seriously. this is so EEW.]5. Do punch up dark jeans with bright red boots. [i love the boots.] 6. Skinny jeans with stiletto-heel boots are a sexy Do. [might try that one.] That's all. Whew. There's more to come.

Anyway, I am drinking coffee again. haha. Wondering where my blog title came from? --as addictive as caffeine? I am in love so it shows that I am addicted to HIM. He is as addictive as caffeine. And FYI, you, gay pretending to be a guy, THAT'S NOT YOU. DREAM ON.

Toodles. Special thanks to Glamour. They're my source.