Thursday, July 12

know it alls.

I hate know it alls. They feel like they're God's gift to everybody and they feel like they can do anything. Right? As if. OMG. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I don't care if you're stabbing me in the back. Don't care because you are such a coward. And puhhhleeaasse. You feel like you're gonna get that spot. You're just so sure of yourself. You coward.

Fall Out Boy's going to have a concert on Sept.21. HERE! Yes, here. I want to go because it is Fall Out Boy after all. I love them. WAAAHHH. I love PETE. I just wish someone would go with me. I am so going there. Araneta naman e. I'm so so so READY FOR YOU PETE! Saving my money and my cameras for those pics of Pete. Hayyyyy.