Monday, July 9

this is hard.

3rd year is so fcuking hard. We have a cookfest tomorrow and we just finished that kalabasa soup. I have to say, it was yummy. Works of Hanna and I. So I was browsing the net and I saw that Nica's Ate Aion is getting married. Congrats. That is so so nice.

Back to that 3rd year thing, I've done the fcuking assignment in Geom so no worries about that. No need to study for the AA quiz 'coz I get it. I haven't done the Chem homework. I just hate it. I'll be doing it later anyway and I'll be practicing keyboard typing. I'm getting real good at it.

Tomorrow is July 10 which means HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNOLD! Good luck with tomorrow. May instant handaan ka na.

Anyway, I am signing out because I haven't done a single thing on the homework. Bye.

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