Monday, July 30

when will it be me?

Lovers. They make me smile. Hah. Probably because I won't get to experience this yet. Again, when will it be me? I'm loving right now but I can't tell him. I can't say a thing because it's impossible that he loves me too. I just hate myself. You want to know why? I am scared to tell him how I feel. And if I do tell him and he reciprocates the feelings that I have for him, he's not here. He won't ever be with me. :c The only happiness that I am feeling right now is my love for him. When will it be me?

When will it be time to move on? But to you, my t13, I'll move on BUT I'll do it slowly so you can still CHASE me. And I hope you do.

I love you so much that it PHYSICALLY hurts.