Saturday, July 14


First of all, I'd like to commend Ms. Tyra Banks' movement called "SO WHAT?". It was inspiring to many girls and young women out there including myself. I was so happy that she started this movement to prevent all those anorexics, bulimics and the like to torture their bodies. After all, our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we should always take care of it. So I'm off to saying these things and HELL I CARE IF YOU EVEN REACT NEGATIVELY ABOUT THIS because SO WHAT?!

•I have glasses and braces and you could mistake me for Ugly Betty. BUT HELL. SO WHAT?!
•I can become clueless in all aspects, but hell. SO WHAT?!
•I am bitchy and don't play games. HELL. SO WHAT?!
•I am fragile and a crybaby at times. HELL. SO WHAT?!
•I am called a flirt, a bitch and a GRAMMARIAN. HELL. LIKE I CARE. THOSE ARE SO NOT TRUE. THAT'S WHY, SO WHAT?!

Eat those words, fcuking haters. I know I can never be insecure of other people that's why I'll never be a bully. I have friends who I can count on, I have a family that's all good to me, and I'm in love with a guy 4 years older than me. SO WHAT?! I don't give a damn about the oh-so-bitchy things you say about me. I won't fight with you. HELL. I'm not the INSECURE ONE, am I? So that's that for those GMs you sent me, you fcuking haters. Because you know what,

Enough of that. I'm just so proud of myself that I didn't answer personally back to those haters. They'll hate me more for what I've done on this blog because I'm not affected by those things they're saying. And to think, the bitch is a GUY. Oh c'mon. get over your identity crisis and tell me that you're just insecure. But I'll be kind and stop this na.

I watched Harry Potter awhile ago and I was kinda disappointed with the movie. The Order Of The Phoenix IS supposed to be exciting. They made it boring with the slow phasing and everything. AND, Ron's so waaaaaayyyyy HOTTER that Harry, don'cha think? I would like to say that Hermione Granger's getting prettier in every movie. That's cool. But I loved the fight scenes in the Ministry of Magic BUT they so cut out the prophecy made by Prof. Trelawney which was a vital part to that prophecy thingy, right? But that's that. So I'd still like to congratulate them for a good job.

I bought yet another book. It's entitled Can You Keep A Secret?. I've been wanting that book for 2 years now and I, JANINE, finally have it. Plus I got this ├╝ber-cute bookmark from Powerbooks too. I'll finish my book review next week because it's due next Friday. Wee. I'm almost there. haha.

I'll update my story na. So I'll be leaving you, my dear blog. Ciao.

P.S. I can't find my comments box so kindly just post your comments on the cbox. If it's a hate comment, post it there too. LIKE I CARE. SO WHAT?!