Saturday, July 7

walk the talk.

I believe I am now OKAY. I have been doing well since whenever that fcuking day was and although I may not be happy and loved by the person who loves me, I am still happy.

I went to my cousin's baptism today. WELCOME TO THE CHRISTIAN WORLD ALIANA JOELLE! She's a pretty chap. Haha. She's fair like her ate Alyssa. I am happy. I saw my favorite tito today and good news did he bring. His wife, Tita Moleth is expecting a child! She's three months pregnant and I'm happy. Another child in our family. Yey.

I also went to Makati today. I had the adjustment of my braces. It's now orange. Pretty. I bought a bag and a book again. I'm reading three books at the moment. Not one of them I finished. I can't stop. Haha. I want to read. That's why I'm ending this post with this:

Walk the talk. Fit you character with the things you're saying. It's ironic if you don't. :

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