Saturday, July 28

you know it.

Rules: Just answer. No blanks. And you should explain why.
1. 1 trait people usually don't know about you is...?
-I am lazy. It's true. Or maybe you know that. haha.

2. Have you ever had a crush on a saleslady/salesman?
-Uhh. Hell yeah. One at Congo Grille. Couldn't stop looking at him. He's HOT. :]]

3. Do you believe that first love never dies?
- Nope. It'll die but it'll have a special place in your heart.

4. Trait you like in a guy/gal is?
-handsome. kidding. well, maybe yeah. the main thing is he's kind hearted.

5. Name you want for your first daughter and son....
-daughtie:Jessica. It's cool. son:josh. sounds like the name of a jock.

6. If you were to be reincarnate... pick 1 among the local stars! wooohoo!
-why local? hmppp. I'd pick uhmmm, KC Concepcion. She has an immaculate face.

7.and lastly...............Share a quotation that motivates and inspire you.
-You know you don't have to be drunk to kiss me. Kidding. this:
"Love is like the dicovery of fire."

I'm tagging people who are bored. :]]