Thursday, July 26

lots has happened.

When was my last post? I cannot effin believe I have not posted here yet. I have some kind of sickness kasi. It's called KATAMS. short for Katamaran. My gosh, projects here, projects there, projects everywhere. Gawd. It is so exhausting. I finally got the Harry Potter final book lat July 23 and finished it on July 25. It was so cool. haha. I loved the ending.


We had loads of fun yesterday. Classes were cut off at 12 and so we went to Arielle's house to celebrate her birthday. It was so so cool. We spent 30 minutes camwhoring.PICS HAHA. Then when it was just a few of us, we played KING KANG KONG. haha. It was so cool.

We have no classes today and tomorrow for that departmental thingy. Cool,ayt? Well, not for us. Teachers flooded us with projects. BLOOODDDYYY BLAAAAAAHHHH.

By the way, Imma read Harry Potter again. I love it so much. haha.

Bye for now.