Thursday, July 12

monthly test and all that ****

Our monthly test is OVER. For Computer. It was about that touch typing thing. I have 5 mistakes. But that's so okay. Don't really care. I'm here in the Comp. Lab just minding my own business and writing in this blog. Yesterday, I didn't find the time to update here because I was tired and I fell asleep while reading Suzanne's Diary To Nicholas. Lo and behold! I finished it in one day. I stayed up until 12 am just watching Cowbelles. I haven't watched the whole movie. I still couldn't sleep so I just texted gm's. Forgive me for the disturbances on your cellphones last night. Hardy har.

I was so right about the PMS thing because now, it's here. So I'm just happy that I haven't contracted any diseases and God, I'm not pregnant. Kidding. I want to be married before I do it. RIGHT?