Saturday, August 9

you got me all wrong.

One word to sum up today. The day was typical. I woke up at 5.30 am, showered, dressed and went to school. At kamusta naman ang 7 am sharp na announcement ko? When I got there, it was already 7. I thought I was late and everything. Turns out Kyle just got there and he was the EARLY BIRD. Seriously, Filipino time? So anyway, we waited until Sean and Kat turned up. And I was wondering why Roan was late.So, I called her up and surprise! Ginawa pa niya akong alarm clock. Anyway, when she FINALLY arrived(Yes Roan, I'm rubbing it in, KIDDING!), we were on our way to Ateneo. We got dropped off at Kostka Hall, saw the LINE and nawala ang excitement. It was super long and they needed envelopes pa. So we went to the bookstore which was so pretty.*drools* We passed our envelopes and waited. Roan texted Ate Aileen and she joined us. Kwento dito, kwento doon. I missed her too.

Next stop. De La Salle. We got dropped off at the main gate. And it turns out that the Office of Admissions is kinda far pa. We had to walk in the blazing heat of the sun. But thanks to Kyle and Sean who brought umbrellas, we had shade! Hurrah! However, Kat and I got stuck outside while Roan and Zel passed their forms and Sean and Kyle got theirs. The ugly guard wouldn't let us in. So we goofed around. Years,este moments later, they got out and I was running late for my dentist appointment. We ZOOMED to Makati and I told them to eat ahead while I went to the dentist. I got my elastics changed and received good news. My braces are coming off this October! Yoohoo. But, I sure am gonna miss my braces. *frowns* Okay, back to the topic. I walked again to Glorietta, made a stop at Powerbooks(Gossip Girl book5) and when I got there, they finished eating. I decided not to eat anymore. So we wove around the stores of Glorietta, Roan and me scored identical bags at Artwork, Katreena bought a jacket at Cinderella and we ate at Dairy Queen. Fun, fun, fun!

It was super funny when we were all in our car na. Roan, Kyle and Katreena were tired na. They fell asleep and super cute tingnan! Parang mga bata batuta. They were finally dropped off at Pacita and we said our goodbyes.

Last stop. San Pedro Town Center. We bought DVDS. I bought Mamma Mia, which I watched in theatres with Ma dear and My Sassy Girl(English version).

I guess that sums up my daaay. It was really tiring. Fun, though. Thanks again Krizelle, Sean, Kyle, Roan and Katreena for MAKING THIS DAY MEMORABLE. ♥

P.S. Thanks to Kuya Ton for the Batman spoof & the OTH quotes link.♥