Saturday, August 30

yadda yadda.

I complain too much.

And now I'm complaining about the things peoplea certain person said about what happened last Friday. I hope you won't get mad but this is my blog and your entry pissed me off so I'm writing my complaint in my blog.

Try walking around, telling people to stay in their rooms because you were ordered to do so. And instead of you complaining, it's them. I don't give a damn if you wanted to go out or not, because believe it or not, we didn't want to make bantay sarado. Uh, hello? Sinong may gusto e Intrams?

the championship game wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the joined efforts of the AYC, Basketball Team and the CAT.

Super nakakapiss off na kailangan pa ivoice out and parang pissed off na pissed off e. Sana matamaan ka. Kala mo kung sinong magaling e.

4th year, syempre hindi kayo yun. :) hahaha. Ibang year. :)

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