Sunday, August 3


Finished the UPCAT. Got stuck on Math. NO SURPRISE THERE. But surprisingly, I don't worry about the results anymore. THE AC GROUP OF SGV changed all that. Here's the story, after the UPCAT, my parents and I ate a hearty lunch at Pizza Hut and then went home to prepare for Canyon Woods. We had a reunion dinner with Dad's cluster way back in '82 when he started in SGV & Co. So old friends were there, kinakamusta kami. Tita Josine, who's an angel by the way, heard that I took the UPCAT and she said this to me,

I believe if it's for you, it'll be for you.

Powerful words that made sense. So I'm not worrying anymore. Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.

P.S. There was a super gwapo guy kagabi sa dinner. HAHAHA. :) Wooooh,plerty! Este Party!

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