Monday, August 11

Please Don't(song for MAPEH)

Lyrics by Nathalie Blay and Janine del Rosario
Guitars-Angelene Paradero
Drums-Roan Buenaventura
Organ-Krizelle Cruz
Chimes-Andrew Redimano
Thanks to Shine by Collective Soul

Can't post the song. Lyrics na lang.


I. Make me stop
Make me fall
Tell me what this is, this feeling I've got
Tell me, oooh tell me

Oooh, whoever let your light shine down
Oooh, don't you ever let me drown
Oooh, please don't let me see that frown

II. Run to me
Hide my heart
Keep it safe and keep me warm
Tonight, just for this night

Repeat chorus

.....Here we go

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