Monday, August 25


According to Wikipedia, chivalry is defined as courteous behavior. And recently, I heard on the radio that nowadays, chivalry isn't that well practiced anymore. My reaction? DUH! As if that's not happening and that you didn't anticipate it.. With the rapidly changing world today, there's no wonder chivalry isn't present anymore. Men now think that we're equals, which is what we wanted in the first place right? Think of it this way girls, our ancestors asked for the equality. We asked for the lifting of the discrimination. We asked that we should not be referred to as the weaker sex. And now, we're asking a guy to open the door for us?

Girls are so crazy if they still think that guys would do that. Seriously, if I had to do what guys do, I would go do it. This isn't about me being feminist or anything. It's just that we asked for it. So there has to be some advantages and disadvantages in that course of action.

So if that guy decides to open the door for you, tell him, "Why bother?"