Thursday, August 14

last survey before i sleep.

School Part 1: Q&A
What time do you get up in the morning?
I wake up at 5 AM.

Do you eat breakfast?
Yeah. Most of the time. My yaya prepares it e.

What time do you leave for school?
Hmm. It depends. Around 6-6:30 AM

How do you get to school?
Mom's car

What time is it when you reach school?
Depends. Most of the time is 6.40 something

What do you do when you first get to school?
Climb the stairs to my classroom.

What time do classes start?
7:00. HAHA.

How many classes do you have a day?
A LOT. 10 classes.

Do you take any honors/GT/AP courses?
I dunno. HAHA.

Who’s your favorite teacher and what does (s)he teach?
Hmm. Wala na kong fave teacher. HAHA.

Who’s your least favorite teacher and what does (s)he teach?
They're all despicable. KIDDING.

How long is each class?
Depends on the subject. Other classes have an hour and 20 mins. Others have only 40 mins.

When does school get out?
4:30 pm

Do you stay after often?
Most of the time. Extra-curriculars.

How do you get home?
My mom picks me up.

Do you do your homework?
Yeah, but if I forget I copy. HAHA

School Part 2: Bolding
I wear a uniform to school
I participate in school sports
I skip class all the time (once in a while nalang)
I’ve stolen food from the cafeteria
I cover the bathrooms in graffiti
I’ve gone into the bathroom of the opposite sex just for giggles
I steal answer sheets from my teachers and use them to cheat on tests
I always bring lunch
I’m in middle school
I’ve been suspended or expelled
I’ve failed a grade
I’ve been seriously injured in a gym class
I always get lost in my school
I always talk to the school counselors
Some of my teachers are like friends
I hate all my teachers
School makes me really stressed out
I generally have the some of the highest grades in my classes
I have some sort of music class
I participate in extracurricular activities
I sleep through the majority of my classes
My grades need work (my averages could be better)
I spell “lyke dis” even in school
I’ve never taken a language course in school

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