Thursday, August 28

blogging. :)

"It's different to have someone care about you so much that sometimes, it hurts. I want someone to finally hold my hand, hug me when I feel scared and take care of me when I'm sick."

This is why I love blogging. I blog about idiotic things.
That was September 2007 when everyone thought I was okay but really wasn't. I get to say funny things in my blog without anyone stopping me. It makes me laugh just looking at my previous entries. There were entries for anger, entries for nonsense and entries for plain BLAAAAH. I've been blogging since second year, but my current blog started last May. I've enjoyed blogging ever since.

So let me start this entry by saying,

I'm serious. So here I am, opening the Friendster page and lo and behold! MOST POPULAR MEMBERS. Wow. Guess what they're wearing? Almost nothing. If it's not a brassiere, it's a bikini top that shows off cleavage! Makes me laugh. First of all, if you want to post something that's UHH like that, make sure you have at leaaast something, for Pete's sake. Plus, are you seriously waiting for the comments of the perverts on how you looked sexxxay in your primary pic? Well, if that's the case, you people sicken me. Girls waiting for some pervert's comment even if she doesn't know him.

Seems to me that you even like getting exploited and treated like an animal. Okaaay, that was harsh, but I can't help saying this. "IS THERE A NEED FOR YOU TO DO THAT?"
Go on posting those pictures and I swear you'll end up PREGNANT.

I am so not kidding.
Hello DURIAN. I wish you never lived. You sicken me and I want to throw up now because of your indescribable odor. I wish the smell would go away and I can type with scrunching or covering my nose. :(

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