Sunday, February 1


I absolutely hate tantrums. Yet recently, I've been committing them on EVERYONE. I know, I'm so annoying. I'm not PMS-ing, but yeah I now tantrum so often, it's beginning to bug me now. So here's the deal on my tantrums. It started early in the week, Monday, I think. Somebody was being annoying, and I did have a tantrum. I cried and b*tched around. It was bad, I know but I really couldn't help it. Lame excuse, I know. I did have a lot of my tantrums around Kyle, so sorry! And today, would you believe, I b*tched around AGAIN. So we were in Festival Mall awhile ago, I was happy and then I became surly because I haven't done the El Fili newsletter yet and it was already 2pm and we weren't budging out of the ice cream store. My dad had his nails done AGAIN, which annoyed me even more because he's a guy and he should spend 2 hours having his nailbeds done. When they did finally get around to realizing that I wanted to go home, thanks to the rolling of the eyes and scrunching up my forehead, they had to stop at Greenwich and buy a stupid, but delicious pizza. And they made Nikka and me do it. So you guessed it, the eyes rolled again, plus my mouth started to say stupid, senseless things.

>.< Sorry din b1. :) for the things I said kanina.