Sunday, February 1

When you love someone,


To St. Possidius class of 08-09,

You guys are the most wonderful people who have entered my life so far. Since we only have a month or so to go, let me get cheesy about this whole stuff for once. I'd like to thank you for everything, for everything I've learned, for the laughs that you guys continuously give me, for the tears you guys never meant to cause, for the things we do that entertain ourselves and for being the last class that I will get to share my high school life with. Most of you guys have been with me for 3 years and you haven't grown tired of me one bit, I think. Marami tayong napagdaanan na maganda, panget at weird pero nandito pa rin tayo, matatag! I know we will be parting ways at marami tayong makikilalang bago, pero sana dyan sa kaloob-looban ng mga puso natin, we'll never forget each other. Iba pa rin ang high school life, ika nga nila. I never knew it'd be this good because of you guys. Give or take, few days na lang tayo magsasama. Let every moment count. Let every card game, chess game, PSP moments, jackstone bonding, camwhoring, inane dancing, and laughtrips COUNT. Last months na ito. Mamimiss ko kayo ng sobra sobra.

I LOVE YOU POSSI. May we all be blessed and stay the best of friends. :)