Tuesday, February 17


I STILL CAN'T GET OVER FALL OUT BOY. Imagine I took over 20 videos at their concert, almost a 100 pictures! I browsed Pete's blog today and I was so psyched when he mentioned the Philippines! Gosh, I put my full effort in shouting and screaming and singing all the words to their songs! HAHAHA! I LOVE PETE! PAKASALA NA TAYO PETE! You could totally hear me screaming in the videos. It was an overwhelming experience that I would like to replay over and over again. Anyway, before the concert, I didn't have an album yet, but Mom bought me an album! Deluxe Edition baby! It has a poster and a button pin. Okay, I know I'm such in fan girl phase now but I DON'T CARE! Pete was so hot up close. I was drooling, not literally though. I wanted to melt into my seat. HOT HOT HOT.

FALL OUT BOY, come back again! :)
PETE, let's get married!