Monday, February 16


I never have a problem with Valentines Day. Not because I have a boyfriend or a suitor, I just get presents from my parents and we get to hold this fancy gourmet dinner in our kubo. So while everyone single was bitter ( excluding me), I was busy fantasizing about my parents' gift. I love gifts! Can't you tell?

Valentines Day was busy for me, since I had to go to swimming lessons right after I stayed up late because of the Fall Out Boy concert(which deserves a whole other entry that I haven't gotten around to doing yet), I woke up late, got to school late. I did manage to learn the last swimming lesson we had. After the girls' swimming, then came our boys' swimming. Surprise surprise. There was a bouquet of roses for me and there was Toblerone. To tell you honestly, I hate those kinds of gifts. However since I am so kind, I still took it. I did like the thought though, that he would give me a gift for Valentines.

Anyway, Valentines was fun and I hope next year will be even better! :)