Saturday, November 29

Twilight the Movie review

6.5 out of 10. CATEGORY: COMEDY ayy, este ROMANCE pala.

Even though I'm a fan of the book, I can't help but give Twilight the movie a poor rating because of the following points:

1. Poor cinematography
Why? There were scenes that looked like it wasn't shot by 4-5 cameras. Instead, it looked like it only had one camera with poor quality. It looked low-cost and cheap. There were times when the camera was "magalaw".

2. Screenplay
Why? Even if I don't compare in the book, I would say that the story didn't give much justice to the Cullens nor were the characters in the movie introduced properly. I mean, a person who didn't read the book would be saying, "Ano? Bakit?" Questions that shouldn't be asked by viewers when watching a movie. The movie's screenplay should answer such questions, not leaving viewers saying those kind of things.

3. Dialogues
Good God. I was in the mood to cry already when I saw Bella in pain and Edward says, "I'm gonna make it go away..." Imagine my reaction when Carlisle said, "Edward, stop it. You're killing her." OMFG! What kind of dialogue is that? COMEDY???! Suckish, I tell you. I didn't get to have those heart thumping feelings whenever they said dialogues. I was most disappointed when I heard one of my favorite lines in the book. "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." And I didn't feel anything. :(

4. Scenes
The hunt for James was really short, when in fact it was the climax of the film. I didn't get to see that Bella was really in danger. I didn't like what they did to the piano scene. Gawd. It was so dull. It lacked life. Bella's lullaby was one of the things I liked about Twilight. They ruined that scene. I didn't get to experience the feelings I had when reading the book that I would stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath meaning I was really into it. The vampires weren't given justice. They were supposed to be graceful and had such poise. Oh, and the kiss?! I always imagined Bella to be the aggressive one. It didn't look like it though. Ballet scene. I DIDN'T GET SHIVERS UP MY SPINE. Not like what I experienced in the book. It was normal, what I really was afraid of was the blood that I would see. I forgot to mention that one of my favorite chapters was the chapter of the meadow. They just lay there, looked at each other and then ...... NOTHING.

5. Rob's acting
He needs more acting lessons. BUT, I liked his expression when they were saying their goodbyes. :) He's Edward Cullen for Pete's sake. Do him justice with the way you act.

6. The Vampires
I was really disappointed when they weren't given emphasis. Plus Jasper looked constipated ALL THE TIME. Alice looked pretty as always. Rosalie looked fugly.

Good points:
A movie wouldn't be without good points. :)

1. Kristen's acting
A big bravo to Kristen's acting in the ballet scene. It was exceptional. She looked like she really was in pain. I really liked that part.

2. James' acting
He looked really cool. Especially when he was smelling the scent of Bella. Those eyes would roll and it really looked like he wanted to eat her. BRAVO JAMES! Hot and good! :)

3. Rob's HOT.
Especially when he puts on that hot shades of his. Gaaah.

3. Visual effects
I liked their visual effects. I never thought they could do the Edward-sparkling-in -the-sun scene, but it wasn't what I imagined. It spelled pretty good effort though. Cars moving fast were really good and the baseball scene was nice.

I continue to be disappointed as I write this. Even if I was expecting too much, the trailer spelled that it would be a great movie. Something that you wouldn't regret wasting your money on. But I guess the trailer was wrong.

I am giving it 3 stars. I'm disappointed with Meyer. She chose the wrong production company. This was what I feared: That I'd hate it. But, what's done is done and no, I wouldn't recommend watching it again. Good Lord. It could have been miles better. However if you're watching because of Rob, well then his face would be worth it.

You're better off watching Bolt. :)