Wednesday, November 19

On the Verge

I was on the verge of breaking down and crying in school. For Pete's sake, because of my absence, I have been constantly copying notes and scratching my head, wondering if that will help me in understanding the lessons better. However, that endeavor was to no success. Even though there are lessons that I do understand now, (say hello to TLE!) I still think I'm gonna fail the Monthly Test which is 2 days away.

The hectic schedule almost made me cry. Imagine, I left late today because of the stupid pictorial that we had for the delegates of CMLI, which was not sensible after all because we were incomplete. We had to go through all the trouble bringing our semi formal attires and having to wear it, only to find out that there will be another pictorial on Friday. One thing that bugs me this week too, is when we are late. We had a quiz in Trigonometry, 15 minutes late for Social Studies. Because we were dismissed 15 minutes late from English, we only had 15 minutes to take our lunch break which is really short, especially to us who haven't passed yet our Monthly Test in Computer and thought that we could do it smoothly in our break time. This resulted to Raechell, Nathalie and me almost missing our Research class. This did not please me at all because I was so behind on notes already that I didn't want this to add to the burden. But what can we do about it?

Tomorrow, we'll be presenting to the high school department our winning piece (Talent Variety Show) in CMLI. (Yes, we won 1st place! 3 years in a row, baby!) This really makes me nervous kahit na ginawa na namin. I didn't practice today. I admit I slept, but you see I needed rest. I came from an illness. I exuded the feeling of confidence that I'll be able to do it tomorrow, but now, I guess I'm not so sure. Help me, good Lord! Please help me not to make a fool of myself tomorrow. Let me portray my character well and please forgive the clothes,(lack thereof) that I'll be wearing tomorrow.

I guess that will be all for today.