Sunday, November 23

The Eye.

Imagine full on partying and dancing! That was what we experienced for our victory party. Because of our successful 2nd Pula't Gintong Maskara Festival of our theatre group Dulaang Kruhay, we were able to hold a victory party! It was so much fun and there were lots of food. The event started off with us posting with our respective partners. ( Mine was Gio and Robelle.) Our theme was a masquerade party with a black and white motif. We started the program with Sir Tinoy, our moderator and Zia, our vice president-external as emcees. And the winners were: (drumroll pleaseee!)

Best Production Design: Carla Rae Evaristo (Haplos ng Dahas)
Best Musical Score: It Might Be You (Pal)
Best Sound Director: Nathalie Blay(Pal)
Best Lights: Ynna Talaro (Traje de Boda-my play!)

Major Awards:
Best Supporting Actress: Kathleen Amora (MA-TE)
Best Supporting Actor: Markee Lansang (Sa Ngalan ng Ama)
Best Actress: Jameela Malicdem (Bubungang Lata)
Best Actor: Justin delos Reyes (Asawa)
Best Stage Manager: Leizl Buensalido (Asawa)
Best Director: Raechell Aberin (Sa Ngalan ng Ama)
BEST PLAY: Sa Ngalan ng Ama

Special Awards:
Campus Ministry Award: Jameela Malicdem
Moderator's Choice: Ken Chan
Best Performer(Female): Rose Ann Catalon
Best Performer(Male): Justin delos Reyes

Congratulations to all who won! You deserved it!

We took the time to party after dinner and had pictorials. Look at our pictures!
*Andrew, Danica, me, Arnold, Nathalie on the stage

*Pat, Ikay, me, Arnold, Nathalie, Kathleen and Kuya Kevin

FAMILY PORTRAIT: Nathalie, Mowder Pat, Fowder Markee and me

Ang taray ko!

Ikay and me. (Serena and Blair...)
"Uhh, hair and makeup by Dorota." HAHAHA


"As ONE we CAN!"