Sunday, October 12

West Side Story

Yes! We watched the play: West Side Story. I pleaded Daddy to let us watch that. Everyone knows only Mama and I are interested in those kind of things. So everyone argued before we went to dress up. Nikka and I slept in the car as usual, and we then, ate lunch at Chowking. Yum. We went ahead to Meralco Theater and yes, it's still the same. I've been there before when we watched Beauty and the Beast (KC Concepcion as Beauty). I decided to wear an informal outfit, which I don't usually do when I go to plays. Anyway, we sat in the 4th row. COULD YOU BELIEVE I WAS IN THE FOURTH ROW?! It was cold and when it started, I heard that all familiar snap. It brought me back to those days when we were still rehearsing for our musical with the same name. HAHAHA. It was a project. So anyway, I quite enjoyed the play with its wonderful songs and the hotness of Christian Bautista and Gian Magdangal.

After the play, we went to the Podium to have dinner. We ate at Kimono Ken, and I have to admit for that expensive price, it wasn't as half as good as Teriyaki Boy and yes, I'm loyal. We finally ate dessert at the Dome, which I'm not new to. Chocolate Cake and Double Chocolate Iced Coffee are the perfect mix, I'll tell you.

Just some random thought: What'll happen to me when I become drunk? :) Hahaha.