Saturday, October 4

proud to be?

"Wanna hear the latest gossip?" "Who kissed who?" "I totally dissed that fugly guy."

Sure, sure. I've heard them all before. Teenage girls are frequently saying those things. Bitchy much? Yeah, I know. But you know what? I'm tired of girls being proud to be called bitches. Come on! Can't you see that's not a compliment? Okay, you might say I am a hypocrite because I totally don't know what I'm talking about. Well, I do. And to say that I'm proud to be a bitch, that is so wrong. I may have that attitude most of the time, but never ever would I say that I was proud to be one. I'm not. Girls should n't be subjected to be proud to be called those things. It's not flattering.

Let's not discuss what brought this entry about. :)

HELLO iPod Nano 3rd Generation. You are finally mine.

So anyway, my parents and I bought this last October 1. My uncles and aunties all pitched to buy this for my birthday. So what I have is a 4 GB iPod which now has 160 songs, 3 videos, over 200 photos and 3 games. A BIG HUG TO EVERYONE WHO GAVE ME THIS AWESOME GIFT.