Monday, July 18

what street?

I decided to walk today.

The street, full of people and not-so-familiar faces, isn't the same as it used to be. Wasn't it the same street where you walked me home? Or the same street where you made me laugh? Was it the same street that you hurt me, without meaning to?

And yet, as I walked along that same street, I felt everything had changed. The way I walked now on this street was different. And no, I no longer look at the restaurants where we ate. I don't go out torturing myself on remembering what happened in that table. And no, I don't look at your place anymore just in case you might happen to come out. I still do remember you. Your laugh, your adorable t-shirts, your lean body which would instantly take away every bad feeling I had, you were my everything.

And yet, I was nothing.

I'm walking alone on this street. I guess that wasn't the change.

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