Sunday, July 31

on this rainy night

*opens umbrella*

The rain is falling quite hard tonight. As you watch your steps, you wonder when this rain is going to stop. And yet, you keep wondering and do not even bother to look for shelter. You try to enjoy every step, every sight, every different person you see. 

It's just not the same.

Your hand feels the empty void. You think to yourself, "there's no one there."

You are alone.

Next scene.

You are alone in a taxi cab and the rain is still pouring. You can't see quite clearly the plate number of the cab so you could inform anyone that you might be in danger, just in case. But, you remember...

You are alone.

Your fingertips ache for the electric feeling of touching another person's fingertips.

Your lips hunger for the breathtaking kiss of another.

Your body yearns for the warmth only another body can offer and not even a blanket can fill.

On this rainy night,you are alone.

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