Thursday, April 16


I AM SO UNPRODUCTIVE this summer. This summer, I planned to take guitar and driving lessons. Guess what? I haven't done any of those. I'm beginning to feel nauseous because of the heat and the boredom summer is currently giving me. This is the reason why I begin to think like a schizophrenic. Seriously, I am going down the drain here. I need something to do. So let me start off by blogging nonsense things in my nonsense blog.

Remember my blog entry way back last year? Wait, I'm digging it up in my archives. It was written last NOVEMBER 21, 2007. (Look for depressing, the title.) Who could forget that fateful day huh? I was so mad and hurt, I didn't care what I typed in my blog. And now, it's all coming back.


Secrets are fun when they're all about FUN, FRIENDS and PARTYING. They're not fun, when you've got some creepy weird dude putting up some shit. Tell me, what do you do when you think you know a person, but find out you really don't? Let me tell you what. YOU SUCK IT UP. They're never gonna change, and you won't ever get to know them. You know why? That's the way they roll and like it. I thought I knew them. I guess I didn't. It would hurt if it were 2 years ago, when I was gullible and naive. It doesn't now and won't ever. You're quite content in your position and let me tell you, you're never going to get far in this world, what with all the secrets you have and the people who you think you have relationships with. I am going out on a limb here because I know you're going to see this and despise my pretty ass for writing this. I don't give a damn. I wish you were true from the beginning because that's what friends do. If you don't know how that is, you'll all end up sad and alone. To think I thought our friendship was worth saving.

As I held our picture in my hand, I wanted to crush, crumple and tear it apart. I stopped myself. Know why? It's the only reminder of you being the worst friend I could ever have.

YOU SICKEN ME. Good luck with all your nonsense endeavors.