Friday, April 24

Looking for places.

Being so far away from home is no problem for me. It's just that it's so hard to pick where I'll stay and I'm not used to doing everything on my own. All my life, I've learned to lean on my mom or house helpers to do things around the house. I'm not used to cooking, doing laundry or even cleaning. With this is mind, I don't know how the hell I'm gonna survive in QC. I will try, though for the sake of my education.

My mom and I were looking at dormitories around Katipunan(I don't like the UP area.). With my high end needs (I'm not complaining, I am just not used to having common bathrooms and the like), so I opted for a condo type dorm. Single occupancy would be fine with me, but since Katreena is also studying in Diliman, we might as well room together.

Tomorrow will be our ocular visits to the dorms my mom saw on the Internet. Yes, we want to make sure of the amenities and the units, who knows what they post in the sites are fake. So there. I am excited to see my new home for 4+ years since my parents want me to take up Law, (perfectly fine with that.) and I'll be staying in the QC area a little while longer. Who knows, I might like it there.