Thursday, April 30

American Idol

Almost 6 years of watching American Idol, tonight was the first time my jaw dropped. LITERALLY. As I was watching AI tonight, (results night) I was expecting Allison and Matt to be in the bottom 2. Boy, was I mistaken. Turned out that the bottom 3 was KRIS, Matt and *tongue drops* ADAM. So I was fine because my bet, Danny Gokey is still safe and he will still compete in next week's showdown. After the annoying delays, Ryan Seacrest finally announced that Kris is safe and yes, ADAM AND MATT ARE THE BOTTOM 2. Crossing my fingers, I prayed that Matt would finally get booted out of the competition because he isn't that great of an artist unlike the other contestants.

I was totally right. Matt did get kicked off. FUN FUN FUN. :)

*I will post a pic once I get a hold of one. :)

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