Sunday, January 4

New Year means Newer Me?

Stop laughing. I mean it. 2009 is here and ready to enter my life full of chaos already. And because a new year means change, I've decided to change my layout! I've decided on this one because it's much simpler, depicting that I want to be simpler this year. (Stop laughing!) I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year because I am now changing my principle in resolutions, I think if you want to change a bad habit or something you are accustomed to, do it now! Why wait for New Year? A newer me also signified a new bag! I shopped for one in SM Mall of Asia today using my money! Isn't that a change?

I've realized I've done the biggest mistake in not filling you in the details of my Christmas Break and because it is about to end, I just wanted to commemorate (dead person daw?!) este remember the last Christmas Break as a high school student. This break, I've experienced commuting to Enchanted Kingdom! Seriously. I've always went there on car or at least some kind of vehicle. I've never experienced riding a tricyle to EK. It was fun especially because my classmates were there tooo. Share in the agony! Hahahaha! I also experienced the Christmas Party of our big family in which they included my sister and I in the adults' Kris Kringle! Ma, it's about time, duh, I'm 16?! My dad gave his annual raffle with Php 12k as the first prize. I also had a Christmas Party with the Bahay Kalinga kids who were so sweet (pictures in my Multiply). Moreover, I got to spend this Christmas season with my childhood barkada. We never get to hang out so often. I met my cousin's girlfriend for the first time. This Christmas break, I believe, was very productive and exciting.

2009, I didn't know, meant rekindling old flames. No, I'm not talking about my love life. I'm talking about a different love, my love for dinosaurs! We went to Dinos Alive Tour in Manila which was located in the SM Mall of Asia. And imagine my excitement and I tried so hard to hide it. I mean, wouldn't normal people ask, "What is the 16 year old doing jumping up and down after seeing a robotic dinosaur?" I saw most of my favorite "pets" including the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, T-REX (which starred in my first book-written in the first grade!) and Bronteosaurus. I had such a fun time there.

I guess now, I'm expecting a lot of changes. I won't be a high school student in March anymore. I won't be hanging out in studios or coffeeshops after exams. I will miss it. I won't get to hang out with my family a lot often anymore. NO goofing around, seryoso na.

Before I end this entry, let me give my warmest thanks to Vince who picked me as his monita. He got me the Fall Out Boy Concert DVD I'd been eyeing for a year. So thanks so much! I watched it and I wasn't disappointed which now makes me want to watch FOB in February if they come here.

School tomorrow so I'm gonna turn in now. Toodles! :)