Monday, January 19

Entrance Exam Results

Experienced depression or extreme euphoria? Have you spent sleepless nights and endless prayers? Did you jump on the walkways of Makati? I now diagnose you with entrance exam syndrome. HAHAHAHA.

Okay. I so made that up, you can guess. 2009 is the year that we, seniors all figure out where the hell we'll go next. It may be a school to train in or a school just to get by. And I wasn't exempted from all the happenings and activities of a senior.

Let me take you back to Sept. 13, 2008. I took my ACET in Ateneo of course. I didn't like the classroom, ew, no aircon. HAHAHA. I was confident that I could do well. Oh boy, did I think wrong. Last January 10, the ACET results were released and I, didn't pass. Boohoo. I did feel like I was some worthless person, but decided I still had UP to fail so I could go moping around like that.

JANUARY 17. We went to Nikka's confirmation and Kyle sent a group message that the results were out. And I couldn't stop fidgeting even while I was fitting my prom gown. Who stays calm when their future is at stake? So we went to an internet cafe, but then I had to go to the dentist so Nikka was left there to check my results. And I PASSED!

Thank you Lord, which leads me to my point. God wants something else if you didn't get to pass the schools you wanted to study in. I didn't pass Ateneo, because I was meant for something else. It doesn't make you less of a person if you didn't get to pass. So what? When a door closes, a window opens. :)

Goodluck seniors '09! We're almost graduating!