Friday, January 2

Goodbye '08!

So I know I'm a little late in saying goodbye to good old 2008, but today was the only free time I had to update this blog! 2008 was a pretty good year for me. It was busy, but good. Let me elaborate the meaning of A GOOD 2008 for you guys:

1. CAT- I finally. finally. finally. became a CAT officer! And cadet captain at that! :) It was so tiring but it paid off.

2. KRUHAY- It was a new experience and a busy one too. But I had a lot of fun during Rosetta and Traje de Boda. We're still rehearsing for a new play.

3. A New Bestfriend- Early in the year, I became so close with someone I never thought I would be close to. Tada! Mark became my new confidante. Thanks for a wonderful year, Burjer!

4. Arielle- I became close to Arielle too. Arielle and I fought in sophomore year and I thought we'd never make up, but we did and that brought us closer. Thanks for this year Arielle!

5. Roan- my bestfriend throughout high school. We had some ups and downs this year but we made up! She's someone who I can call my safe zone. Thanks for everything, Bru!

6. Friends- Who are there until the end! :) Thank you so much guys!

7. Possidius- My loving and chaotic section! Thank you so much for being there. To our three months together!

I want to thank God for letting me live another year, my parents for not nagging too much and for being so loose with me now, and everyone who made my year awesome! Cheers to 2009! May I graduate with honors, pass the college of my dreams and rock! :)

P.S. I didn't bother to come up with a New Year's resolution anymore. What comes, comes. :)