Monday, December 3

yeaaaa righttt.

I had so muchhh fun today. Likewise, I hated my day. HUH? The irony huh? Oh well, no need to elaborate further. I just took a lot of pics today since I brought my cam to school. So, I took them pics of us working on the Integrated Project thingy which is absolutely ADORABLE and I loveeeeed doing it. Anyway, I'll post the pics now and I don't have anything good to say anyway soooo...

Krizelle & Roan working on the project.

Our project!!!!

OHH YEAA. I forgot. Some loser commented on my old blog, which is MELANCHOLIC PRINCESS.
Yeaaa. SO that. She was all, like, "Di ko nagets mayabang, i'm CONFUSE, why you like a guy who dont like you?" And I was all, "How cynical. YOU SUCK." Serves her righttt. HAHA.