Sunday, December 2

i feeel....

1. the reason you are where you are
right now?
-because of my family, friends and GOD.

2. the reason you wake up in the
-i have to go to schooool.

3. the reason you love your favourite
song lyrics?
-they soothe me.

4. the reason of the way you're
feeling today?
-tired? i always feel like this.

5. the reason when you fall in love
with someone?
"The heart knows REASONS reasons does not know."

7. the reason you went out on saturday
-i haven't been going out.

8. the reason you laugh out loud?
-because there's something funnyyy i guess?

9. the reason you wake up late on
-because i'm sleeepyyy.

10. the reason you read a magazine?
-i dunno. my bible. HAHA.

11. the reason you watch television?
-it's because that's entertainment.

12 . the reason you yell all the time?
-NAKAKAINIS kasi my voice e.

13 . the reason you hate someone so
-she SUCKS.

14 . the reason you throw stuff from
your closet?
-because i get pressured because i'm sooo sloww when it comes to dressing up.

1 5 . the reason you feel weak or
-i feel strong because i have confidantes.

1 6. the reason you gossip
-i dunno. i don't usually gossip though.

17 . the reason you call someone, late
at night
-'coz i like tooo?

18 . the reason you go to grocery
-to buy essentials.

19. the reason you failed your
accounting exam?
-i'm pretty sure i would fail if i had accounting.

20. the reason you love/hate yourself?
-because that's just the way it is.

21. the reason behind why Ateneo lost
to lasalle for the twice to beat
-because Ateneo was giving them a chance since they got suspended last time. HAHA.
big laugh.